1. Q : I am not familiar with semiconductors, plasmonic physics or optics. May I join your group?
A : Why not? I'll assist you to be the expert of these topics!

.2. Q : I got poor class scores in the pursuit of B.S. or M.S. degree. Am I eligible to join your group?

A : It is not a problem to do good science with poor scores! Contact us!

3.Q: Is it helpful for me to find a job in the future by join your group?
A: We hope to train you to become a true expert. A true expert should always be fine to get a dream job!

4. Q : What kind of training will I receive?

A : Every member in our group will be uniquely trained in accordance with his/her situations. In general, your future life plan will be considered in research topic assignment. Thus, you are suggested to pre-plan your future before discussing with the adviser.

5. Q : What is the personality of the adviser?

A : Super nice guy!

6. Q : May I take part-time jobs after class?

A : We encourage student to take part-time job or participate social movement. If you have financial problems please don’t hesitate to discuss with the adviser and to ask him for help.

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