Job openings

We have several challenging projects for the highly motivation and talented postdoctoral researchers and students in the fields of many body physics, polaritonic devices, plasmonic lasers, plasmonic sensing, semiconductor lasers, nanofabrication, onchip high speed modulation devices and machine learning.

Undergrauate students & Graduate Students

We seek highly motivated students with the solid scientific strength in one of the following areas: engineering, physics, chemistry, materials science and computer sciences.

Postdoctoral Candidates

Optoelectronics and optical engineering
Our group is seeking candidates with a strong expertise in optoelectronic device nanofabrication (Laser, LED, etc) and optical engineering. The research involves experimental study of plasmonic physics, sensing, imaging, 2D materials engineering, semiconductor devices and their applications.

Dvice theory and modeling

Our group is seeking candidates with computational or modeling expertise in electrical and photonic studies of novel materials (wide band gap materials, graphene, 2D materials, perovskite...etc) and devices.

Applicants should send a full CV via email to Professor Chou (T_N_CHOU@HOTMAIL.COM).

Funding and scholarships

Currently we are supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology Young Scholar Fellowship program (~$800,000 USD). Taiwanese government also provides decent scholarship (~$20,000 USD/year) for PhD student. If you're a studnt inone of the ten countries from Southeast Asia [ASEAN], six countries from South Asia, New Zealand, and Australia, please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Chou through email.


National Cheng Kung University (NCKU; Chinese: 國立成功大學; pinyin: Guólì Chénggōng Dàxué) is a research-led comprehensive university in Tainan, Taiwan. NCKU was ranked 2nd overall in Taiwan in 2018, and one of the top ranked universities in Asia. It comprises 9 colleges, 43 departments, and 39 institutes. The university is best known for its engineering, computer science, medicine, and planning and design. NCKU is the only member from Taiwan in the Worldwide Universities Network.

Tainan has a tangible sense of history and is the site of several spectacular religious festivals. As well as its string of forts, the first capital of Taiwan has some 300 ancient sanctuaries, from the island's first Confucian temple to its first Taoist temple. (wikipedia)

If you plan to have intensive international experiences, eager to learn interdisciplinary skills, and If you are very interested in Taiwan culture . This is the right place!


Contact information

Prof. Yuh-Shing Chou
Principal Investigator
Department of Photonics
National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan




(805) 304 -5762



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