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Our research interests span over a broad range of technical areas, including nano-optics and nanophotonics, semiconductor lasers, plasmonic and polaritonic devices. Our principle investigator Dr. Timothy Chou is known as a team player who hopes to bring his broad background and technical proficiency in optoelectronics to work on real-world technology breakthroughs. His ultimate goal is to cultivate talented students with cross-domain expertise and macrothinking mindsets who can innovatively apply their knowledge, thereby enabling these students to lead the next generation industry transformation.

Research Highlights

Surface plasmon polariton


We have introduced several innovative concepts to manipulate radiation, group velocity, surface scattering, metalic losses and matter-light interaction at the subwavelength scale, inspired to operated surface plasmon laser at room temperature. In addition to serving as the signal source for optoelectronic IC, a surface plasmon nanolaser can be applied for explosive detection, nanocontrast technology, optical nanolithography, and eliminating viruses, which indicates the high research value of such nanolasers.

Quantum fluids


In the past decades, macroscopic quantum phenomena such as superfluid, superconductivity, quantum Hall effect and Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) have contributed to our knowledge of the quantum world and enabled new technologies. Understanding and manipulating many-body quantum systems continue to pose great challenges in modern physics. Hence, the ability to modulate the collective ground state properties can lead to new insights on the complex physics of quantum fluids.

Novel materials


Materials such as III-V and II-VI wide band gap semiconductors, organic-inorganic perovskite and mono layer transition-metal dichalcogenides (2D-TMDC) possesrobust exciton properties and excellent light-matter coupling strength. By integrate the excellent exciton properties of these material into the novel photonic structures, we expect to realize novel polaritonc dvices (and also plasmonic devices) that can be operate above the room temperature.and feature many unique properties for novel phenomena.

Latest news & Events

August 1, 2019
Tim join the Department of Photonics at National Cheng Kung University as Assistant Professor.

August 1, 2019
Tim join the Department of Photonics at National Cheng Kung University as Assistant Professor.

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